Summerland Compost Worms

Responsible Living begins with Reducing Consumption and Recycling as much or our own Waste On Site.

Nature always holds the answer to many of our modern day problems, we just need to inject a little bit of time and research to discover in what way she can assist us to live with a smaller footprint. 

The ability of Compost Worms to reduce our organic household waste is nothing short of incredible! Earthworms are nature’s little helpers to assist us reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill in a simple way and yet many households are still failing to take responsibility for such waste creation and optional conversion. If you are here reading this you are obviously not one of the fence sitters considering this is all too hard, but rather an action taker ready to do your bit for our fragile environment. For that I applaud your dedication and welcome you to a community of people living consciously!

Worms convert all types of organic waste into amazing fertiliser called castings. The incredible quality of this perfect soil conditioner is nothing short of a miracle but nonetheless unsurprising when you consider that the role of a humble worm is to create our topsoil. Earthworms are truly our Environmental Heroes.

Summerland Worms has been in business for many years with the focus on selling just one quality product which is just as nature made them…compost worms.

Please note: We can only supply to customers who reside in Australia. We do apologise to our International friends!

All worms need an ideal, comfortable home for them to work their magic, rest and play, so we are now also selling a fully Australian owned and manufactured worm-farm that is well suited to our Aussie conditions. You can click here to find out more about The Swag. You can also find some inspiration for creating your own home-made wormfarm by Clicking Here. 

WHO ARE WE? Summerland Worms is based in South Western Victoria. Our 65 acre Permaculture farm is nestled close to the wild shore of the Discovery Coast, halfway between the historic township of Portland & the small village of Nelson which resides on the banks of the Glenelg River.

It is amazing the incredible difference, that one tiny little creature can make to converting your organic household waste and you should be proud of the fact that you are about to play your part to contribute to and help maintain the health of our beautiful planet, by creating your own domestic recycle station!

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