The Swag Wormfarm

Aussie Wormfarm made for Aussie conditions!

   The Swag™ Worm-farm’s design is unique. Proven in the marketplace for 20 years, it is no ‘new kid on the block’. No heavy trays to remove, suspended off ground, and made from the same durable material our Australian troops use to create temporary accomodation in any country or climate… If you have read about the style and design that we infact use here for our commercial sized worm beds at Summerland Worms, you will notice we have a preference for a design we created and which we personally named the 'Worm Hammock'. The Swag™ wormfarm is designed on very similar principles which is why we have chosen to endorse and retail to our customers, what we believe to be the very best Worm-farm currently on the market. It will use the power of the humble compost worm to turn your kitchen and garden waste into liquid or solid ‘gold’ fertiliser with ease!  (Gold = Vermicast).

  The Swag wormfarm is manufactured here in Australia, by a small family run business in sunny Queensland which only specializes in producing Swags to the best quality possible. Here at Summerland Worms we have focused on growing healthy, hard working compost worms to the best of our ability and can answer any curly question you may have in concern with worm management pre or post purchase… so this is a match made in heaven really! Rest assured, that by committing to buy both your worm-farm and compost worms here at Summerland Worms, you are keeping real Australians in real jobs.


Some of the benefits the Swag wormfarm offers over other products are:


  • Versatility to hang The Swag™ where it’s most convenient- under your verandah or pergola. This enables it to be protected from extremes of sunshine or rain.  Now if you don’t have one of these you can simply hang it the true ‘Aussie’ way from a sturdy tree branch, which can also offer some  protection as well. Failing this, there are convenient self-supporting stands available as an additional accessory.
  • No heavy lifting of trays to empty vermicast. You can harvest castings from the bottom whilst still feeding the worms on the top surface- no need to empty them out. The shape is designed specifically so this can be done without losing the whole volume of material in the Swag wormfarm. This proves very convenient when you just want a few handfuls to make up a yummy liquid fertiliser to water in your precious newly planted seedlings!
  • No confusion in design and method of use that sometimes occurs with tiered worm-farms.  The Swag™ makes it simple and straight forward by placing your organic waste on the top surface where the worms will be most active and castings comes out of the bottom, which is secured firmly with an easy release cord lock and toggle!
  • Vermin proof cover on the top which simply velcro’s securely on around the top diameter of the worm-farm’s lip. Keeping those unwanted mice, rats, cockroaches or flies right out of your waste conversion station. (The fact it hangs off the ground is another great deterrent to rodents.)
  • No small parts to clean or lose.
  • Excellent airflow, ensuring optimum aerobicity and efficient ventilation during hot spells.
  • Larger capacity than the popular ‘Reln’ or ‘Can of Worms’ Units. This does not only mean you can produce more castings but also provides more insulation against temperature fluctuations, as the volume of material in the Swag worm-farm protects and buffers, ensuring effective functionality, even within a much broader temperature range.
  • Ideal size– this larger capacity means it is big enough to recycle quite a range of your garden/ animal/ and kitchen refuse, whilst at the same time not being TOO big!
  • The main body of The Swag™ is made from a heavy duty, tough and durable soft vinyl which is made to last and the Swag itself stacks flatwhen not in use for easy, space saving storage. (Not that you’d ever want to have it OUT of ACTION!)

Worm-farm’s make very creative but also practical gifts and have proven to be most welcomed by people of all ages- but ‘green thumbs’ with everything make perfect recipients!

The Swag Wormfarm
The Swag Wormfarm

You can hang The Swag from a tree or under a verandah

The Swag wormfarm

Easily empty the required amount of worm castings into a bucket

The Swag wormfarm

A convenient toggle makes for easy emptying



The Swag Wormfarm


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