About Us

Your Health. Your Life. Your Choice.

Our Mission at WildBanksia is to empower you to live healthier, naturally; embrace life challenges as opportunities to positively grow; and make informed choices that cause the least harm to yourself as well as the Earth. 


We are located along the rugged and beautiful Discovery Bay Coast in South West Victoria, near Portland, Australia. 

Founder of Wildbanksia

Lynda Ford: Author; Certified Positive Life Coach; Holistic Counselor; Case Manager in Aged Care, Disability and Mental health Community Services; Natural Health Researcher and Self Empowerment advocate; Permaculturalist and Vermiculturalist. 

"Life is to be lived with passion and vigour...but will our bodies keep pace with our mind and spirit well into retirement? Happiness and good health are not a pipe dream, they are our default state. We just need to recalibrate by aligning with the natural world and also recognise that negative emotions can cause physical damage. Lets learn to Stress less and live more!"