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"Behold the Banksia, a beautiful Australian plant which endures the force of fire to regenerate. It has miraculously transformed its greatest challenge into a magnificent catalyst to thrive and grow."

Our mission is inspired by nature's resilience to thrive

Cancer is a word not a sentence.

Health and happiness begins with the choices we make every-day of our lives. Dis-ease always has an origin. Environmental factors, toxicity, genetics, stress levels, lifestyle choices, the thoughts we keep and beliefs we hold, all play their part in our illness or wellness. The more we reflect on what may have triggered our condition, the higher the likelihood we can find our pathway back to healing ourselves.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, then you  will know what it means to be on an emotional roller-coaster. At some point however, it is important to move from a state of fear, into making conscious, empowered choices that serve you best and are not made simply to please others. If newly diagnosed, take the time needed to consider your treatment options without rushing. Cancer does not just develop overnight. It commonly takes between 5-10 years to grow to a detectable size. If your body has allowed it to grow, is it not conceivable your body has simply malfunctioned and with the right supports, it can heal itself?

Perhaps you have been told that there appears no rhyme or reason for your cancer occurring. Maybe it is just bad luck that you happen to be the one in two men, or the one in three women that are diagnosed with this 'plague' on humanity. But what if we could consider cancer as a symptom expressing, rather than the disease itself? That would mean we need to consider the root cause.

WildBanksia Life Coaching Service

 My name is Lynda Ford. I am a Certified Life Coach specialising in Positive Life Transition and Holistic Cancer Support and Prevention. I do not diagnose or treat, but do guide, support and strengthen your capacity to heal through diet, lifestyle, mindset and other immune-boosting approaches. I do not believe any of us aspire for longevity without health and happiness. It is the difference between just living or thriving!  If you have been diagnosed with cancer; are a carer or concerned friend of someone who has it; or are a proactive person who would like to learn to avoid getting cancer  in the first mission is to help.  

Many people now consider the value of beginning their healing journey with naturally supportive, non-harmful lifestyle choices to first strengthen their mind, body, spirit and immune before choosing a more intensive treatment strategy. I am however, here to support you at any stage of your journey and throughout any chosen forms of treatment, whether your belief systems align with traditional, natural, or spiritual approaches. Most importantly, understand that you have many alternate options to consider beyond just traditional Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiation. You also have adjunct therapies which can be embraced alongside allopathic treatments to increase their positive result, or to lessen their negative side-effects. 

Ultimately, no matter what path you take, make it your informed choice. You are primarily a person, not a patient and life is about living well, not just existing. It has been said by many before me: "Accept the diagnosis, but not the prognosis."  Wise words for sure. We are more than a body suffering sickness...we are a mind, body and spirit which needs to remain balanced in order to maintain wellness. Healing comes from knowing ourselves in this triad.


Living Longer, Healthier and Happier

Sounds a great plan doesn't it? For some of us that plan gets turned upside down when we receive a cancer diagnosis or someone we love does. For me, it was someone I Ioved very  much- my mum.  She died in 2008 from secondary breast cancer at age 69, despite embracing the best of what orthodox treatments  had to offer.  I wish I knew then what I know now about how to prevent cancer and I'm sure the outcome of her diagnosis could have had a happy ending. 

Twenty years on from my mum's initial cancer diagnosis at age 48, she received the dreaded news that the breast cancer had returned.  I thought I was ready to help her navigate a natural healing path through her secondary cancer diagnosis.  But I hadn't factored in the pressure of orthodox family opinions, or the overwhelm from trying to figure out which natural medicines needed to be priority one. Combine this with the fear instilled by the medical system to 'do just as you are told if you want the best chance to live' and very soon Mum chose surgery, then chemo and radiation for both her primary and secondary treatments. She supported that decision with a few natural supplements and dietary changes, but they proved to be too little too late. 

When time is not a factor it allows for greater digestibility of information available.  I have spent the years since her death steadily researching natural cancer fighting protocols and seeking out good news stories of those who have won their battle and now living cancer free, using natural lifestyle changes and mind-body awareness as their primary medicine. Living a cancer prevention lifestyle can raise resilience to countless other diseases, decrease internal toxicity and increase longevity. None of us want cancer but currently it is set to steal the title of our leading cause of death by 2030. We can choose to not let this happen by taking action today and instead consider natural cancer prevention as the cure. 

Here's my mum before she passed, cuddling my two children aged 10 and 7 years with Billy her dog.
Here's my mum before she passed, cuddling my two children aged 10 and 7 years with Billy her dog.

  When one is happy, they are more productive and positive. We all know how a smile can be contagious! Well we need more happy, smiley, optimistic people in the world and there is a way to become more consistently positive, no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in. When we align with living a more meaningful existence, magic begins to happen because we generate more positive expectation. This is such an underestimated requirement for living cancer free. We start to realise that no matter how much pain we get exposed to, (mental or physical), it is our choice if we suffer or if we grow from the experience. When we suffer we get stuck in negative emotion and become blinded to the opportunities that could raise ourselves up and out of the state we are in, so we stay there for longer than we should. When we grow, we learn, we evolve. The insight that develops helps guide and support better choices in the future and opens our hearts and minds to amazing possibilities. Like attracts like!

Live from the Heart and Love Your Life!

Create your Happiest
Life from the Inside Out

Natural Healing and Disease Prevention

Nature itself is the best physician



Central to living a natural cancer prevention lifestyle, is to respect the natural system that supports us. We live in a material modern world, one that currently is too dismissive of the reliance we have on maintaining a healthy earth. Many people still wish to control the Earth rather than be sustainable stewards of her precious bounty. 

“Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money.” Native American Cree Indian saying.

Our highly consumerist lifestyles are taking their toll on our natural environment. Economic development has taken pride of place rather than Nature. This prioritisation is back to front and the fallout of this has led to Climate Change that threatens our very lives. And to the skeptics I say that global warming is a natural phenomena yes, but it is not natural to progress as rapidly as it has since the industrial is human activity which has unbalanced the rate of progression. 

In its most simplest form it doesn’t take more than commonsense to understand that if you keep clearing forest (trees breathe in carbon dioxide) and keep producing it then you are going to speed up greenhouse gases building up in our atmosphere. You would think we'd have at least stopped deforrestation? No. Here in Australia in just one state alone over the last 2 years, three quarters of a million hectares has been bulldozed as stated by Government figures.

Our chemical dependency built on convenience is killing us

Toxic chemicals are contaminating our air, soil, water supplies and our own bodies. They are effecting natural systems and particularly causing loss of amphibians, insect life, fungi and general soil biota- all of these elements are small but essential in the web of life. People often disregard certain life forms based on insignificant size, but it turns out that some of the smallest creatures have the biggest effect on the health of our environment. Take earthworms as an example, they are highly sensitive to chemical inputs and their role is to simply create fertile topsoil! Who needs that? We do of course.

Bees are another example...they are threatened by the use of commonly used herbicides, pesticides and fungicides, but particularly the use of those classified as neonicotinoids. Can we risk losing our bee population when they pollinate all our food producing plants?

Within Nature lies every cure for every illness

As our environment degrades, so too does our own health. The more ailments we develop, the more we fear illness. When we are fearful we act hastily rather than thoughtfully and seek the quick bandaid solution offered by orthodox medicine. 

Orthodox treatments have their place, particularly in the case of surgical interventions for accident and injury and value to isolate diagnosis. The trouble is that the system is broken. Doctors are stretched far too thinly and often do not have the time to explore all the possible causal factors that could be contributing to patients ailments. 

Unfortunately, the flipside to this, is that in many cases patients don’t wish to have their lifestyle examined and would prefer to be prescribed a pill as a quick fix.

The time has come to reclaim faith in our own wisdom to know what our body needs to experience wellness. Nature has everything our body needs to heal itself. So many diseases we suffer from can be healed simply by a lifestyle change and a basic understanding of plant based medicine. 

Synthetic drugs are beginning to create more illness from side-effects, than curing the diseases they were intended to heal. In-fact, most are prescribed not to heal the disease, but to simply manage a dependency develops which of course pharmaceutical companies absolutely love! Motivation?  Money. 


Reconnect with nature

Wild places provide a clarity of mind and deep serenity that cant be found in the busy city streets.

Everything is interconnected...our attitude, our health, our motivations, our choices and the wellbeing of Mother Earth and her inhabitants. It exists in an inter-connective dependency. We cannot live in isolation from the natural world happily. We may think we can if it is a lifestyle grown accustomed to, but even when we live in a built up man made city environment, people always seek solace and peace in a natural green oasis. It is in our very core to need nature. Nature does not need humans and yet she provides all we need to thrive. Respecting this reality means to acknowledge the natural healing opportunity found within plants and trust in our ability to learn how to heal ourselves.

Habits to Create Your Happiest Life

how to be happy

Here are some of the best habits and attitudes that will help change your life and create more health and happiness.  

Why go Organic?

Organic growing

 Chemicals are damaging our environment. They poison our water supplies; pollute our soil; contaminate our air and damage the health of all species on this planet.

Earth Centred Living

earth centred living

Mother Nature! Wow, isn't she wonderful? Is it random coincidence that humanity finds itself living upon a planet which not only allows us to exist, but to thrive? 

Recycle Waste with Compost Worms

Compost worms

Compost worms are a fantastic way to cut down on the amount of waste you send to landfill and create beautiful organic fertiliser for your garden and pot plants while you do it!


 No information on this website can be considered a replacement for professional medical advisal. It is shared for the purpose of broader awareness of alternate options available to every is not intended to assist diagnose, treat or cure any disease.