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Healing and Disease Prevention

In our modern, man-made world, it is easy to forget how dependent we really are upon Nature for our survival. To achieve mental stability and physical vitality, it is important to integrate daily healthy options into our habits. We don’t have to be saints, but we do have to give our body the fuel it needs if we want to reach OUR own potential. 

We have been gifted a nurturing Earth which provides support to our physical well-being from the land as a flower, leaf, seed, fruit or root; even as mineral rich salts and plant life from the oceans of the world. Nature supports us throughout our lives, surrounding us with oxygen, sunlight, rain, wind and soil to live and grow our needs. And from the wholefoods we grow, come the building blocks of good health.

So why then when we get sick, do we distrust our own ability to bring our bodies back to a state of good health? Most times we rush off to the Doctors as soon as we have the first symptoms of illness, in fear that we are not capable of fixing ourselves.

There are other options.

Most of our modern drugs are derived from some constituent held within nature's medicine chest...plants! But instead of using the whole plant in it's natural form, they isolate and synthetically reproduced certain compounds.

This appears to be done for a few reasons...

1/Consistency of production- no longer need to depend on growing crops which could fail due to weather conditions etc. or may vary in their potency based on growing conditions.

2/Science prefers to dissect and isolate a beneficial compound found within a plant, considering the whole plant superfluous and unnecessary to a medicinal outcome.

3/Patents cannot be placed on a naturally occurring substance, so for pharmaceutical companies to monopolize selling rights, they must recreate a near-identical compound which can then be patented and their rights to profits be protected. 

One needs to ask the question...could it be possible that the pursuit of profits begins to overshadow any original good intention to help heal humanity? We have gradually been brainwashed to believe that it is more effective to have isolated, potentized substances in the form of prescribed medications, than it is to self-medicate by accessing naturally occurring parts of a plant. The reality is that plants have a combination of complimentary components within their leaves, flowers, roots or seeds and it can be considered more beneficial treating oneself with parts of the plant as nature has presented them to us. In the same way that our diet is really our best first line of disease defense. We are what we eat...the better the wholesome quality of the food we put in our mouth, the less we will be inclined to suffer from disease in the first place.

CANCER- Prevention or Cure? is the elephant in the room. Our modern world offers a 1 in 3 chance of getting it now so why wait until you GET it? Walk the path of prevention for it is gentler and easier on the mind, body and spirit.

CANCER- Prevention or Cure?


Nature as Nurturer

"Within Nature lies every cure for humanity".

Nature is a nurturer, she provides us with food and medicine for the body, mind and spirit. Sometimes us humans tend to over complicate our ability to heal and trust only in synthetic drugs to cure disease.

Nature has manufactured medicines so that all our healing can be sourced directly from Mother Earth. Of course the easiest path to tread is and always has been the one of prevention. I understand many are past that stage and seek natural methods to support and help heal their body of cancer once developed. All the information provided on this page is beneficial to all...whether you wish to fight or prevent cancer growing in your body. 

Personally I have hope and positivity for humanity’s current battle with cancer. This dis-ease is a symptom of the lifestyle we currently live, incubated within an industrialized modern society hell-bent on prioritizing the economy before our environment. An unfortunate side effect of such values is the degradation of nature based wisdom. Perhaps cancer is but one alarm bell indicating the need for a new approach to maintain our own health as well as the Earth's. We are surrounded by a miraculously interwoven web of life, one that nurtures our very existence. Do we really think in such a perfectly designed Universe that we would be left without natural substances which can heal our every ailment? Could it be possible that our first step towards healing is rekindling trust that we already have all the tools we need to be healed by this beautiful Universe?

Disclaimer: No information on this website can be considered a replacement for professional medical advisal. It is shared for the purpose of broader awareness of alternate options available to every is not intended to assist diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

A Lifestyle Disease?

It appears that cancerous cells are a naturally occurring phenomena... something our body regularly fights off. Which means that we are all at risk of developing cancer. It has been said that cancer is a rapidly reproducing cell which has malfunctioned and won't stop dividing.  In Phillip Day’s Book Why We’re Still Dying to Know the Truth,  he refers to cancer researchers Professor John Beard of Edinburgh University and Drs Ernest Krebs Jr and Sr. who made the discovery that embryonic stem cells hold an additional role as 'healers'. Called neoblasts, they are employed to repair trauma sites as quickly as possible. Usually pancreatic enzymes terminate this healing response upon completion. But when they do not, tumours are the result of this healing reaction gone wrong. In a vitamin/mineral deficient body which is also lacking pancreatic enzymes...(two elements which are becoming chronically deficient in our modern world), dispatch of these rapid dividing cells after having done their duty does not always occur. So you could say that this rapidly dividing cell just keeps on doing it's thing getting bigger and bigger, until it begins to impact surrounding tissue and organs in a negative way. 

The other side of this story lies in both environmental toxins we are exposed to and a vitamin and mineral deficiency which humanity is progressively suffering, due to the artificial methods employed to grow our food in large scale monocultures. These two elements are leading to overtaxed immune systems. Our obsession with highly processed foods instead of whole foods, whilst also eating a diet high in meat and animal proteins means we are suffering from a lack of pancreatic enzymes in our body. We need these enzymes as part of our defense system to stop cancer growing!

A Sinister History

I lost my own mother to secondary breast cancer at age 69 years in 2007. I doubt there is anyone these days who wouldn’t have experienced the loss of a beloved friend or family member to cancer. But since losing my mum, I have learnt of historically proven powerful natural substances that I believe have massive potential to be utilized for helping to prevent cancer, but instead have been buried deep in bureacracy and labelled as quackery over the last century. The deeper you delve, the more you become aware that Cancer treatment is a trillion dollar industry! We appear no closer to a cure here in 2019, even though billions of dollars are invested into research every year! Did you ever consider that natural cancer prevention is infact 'the cure' we have all been looking for... less money should be spent on research and more on educating us to understand how we can avoid getting cancer in the first place! 

It is my belief that pharmaceutical companies do not have the general public’s best interest at heart. Why would they wish to find a cure, when they can keep people sick and keep them plugged into expensive treatments in the hope of staying alive? You only have to remain alive for 5 years after diagnosis and treatment to be classified as a cancer survivor. If someone dies as a result of a compromised immune system or damage sustained by the treatment, such as liver or heart failure, this does not get documented as death from cancer but from the symptom itself. Not that it is ever admitted to be caused by the treatment! No wonder cancer cure statistics appear to be better than they really are.

Another interesting point is why are the orthodox methods of treatment- surgery, radiation or chemotherapy the ONLY forms of treatment that Oncologists are legally allowed to recommend to their patients? They can be sued for negligence if they fail to do this. You would expect that these types of treatment strategies could never be allowed if they have bad side effects. After all, the main reason that natural alternate treatments are often not endorsed is for the belief they could harm the patient and yet most natural treatments are not toxic to the body at all and only come with the possibility of not working. Orthodox treatments have questionable results AND come with the side effect risks of being carcinogens themselves and even causing death! 

Edward G. Griffin, author of World Without Cancer, has this to say on the topic of approval and licensing of non-pharmaceutical cancer treatments:

“As long as the present laws remain, the only substances that ever will be ‘approved’ for cancer therapy will be proprietary. No substance from nature will ever be legally available for cancer or any other disease unless its source can be monopolised or its processing patented. No matter how safe and effective it may be and no matter how many people are benefited, it will forever be relegated to the category of ‘unproven’ therapies. As such, freely available cures from nature will always be illegal to prescribe, to promote and in many cases even to use.”

Mustard gas was one of the most lethal poisons used during World War Two. It caused internal and external bleeding, violent vomiting and would strip off the mucous membrane, attacking the bronchial tubes. It usually took a person 4-5 weeks to die from mustard gas poisoning. It was observed as a result of autopsies undertaken, that it also caused destruction of fast reproducing cells. Thus was born the notion that it would be potentially useful in killing cancerous tissue and from this foundation chemotherapy treatment was developed. MC Perry and JW Yarbo in their book Toxicity of Chemotherapy had this to say:

“Almost without exception, every drug developed for four decades that is active against cancer has produced side effects that are reminiscent of the outgrowth of these agents from research on chemical warfare.”

Interestingly there are many Oncologists and Doctors who would never touch their own recommended treatments should they get diagnosed with cancer. Ralph Moss says in his book Questioning Chemotherapy:

“I remembered the story of a celebrated Sloan-Kettering chemotherapist who, when he found out that he had advanced cancer told his colleagues, ‘Do anything you want- but no chemotherapy...’

Doesn’t this ring alarm bells? Unfortunately many doctors don’t even get trained in good nutrition in western medical schools. The average US physician’s course work during four years of medical school is 2.5hours! Despite knowing that good nutrition assists build healthy immune systems and resistance to disease, it appears that orthodox medicine still does not respect the value of training our doctors to understand the building blocks of good health. The main emphasis is on diagnosis and symptomatic treatment with man-made drugs.

In Great News on Cancer in the 21st Century by Steve Ransom, he quotes Dr Andrew Saul for recognizing the importance of sound nutrition in maintaining good health. Dr Saul says: “I have seen the foolishness of conventional disease care wisdom. I have seen hospitals feed white bread to patients with bowel cancer and hospitals feed Jello to leukaemia patients. I have seen schools feed bright red Slush Puppies to 7-year-olds for lunch and I have seen children vomit up a desktop full of red crud afterward. And, I have seen those same children later line up at the school nurse for hyperactivity drugs.” He continues on to say...

“I have seen hospital patients allowed to go two weeks without a bowel movement,” he said. “I have seen patients told that they have six months to live when they might live sixty months. I have seen people recover from serious illness, only to have their physician berate them for having used natural healing methods to do so. I have seen infants spit up formula while their mothers were advised not to breastfeed. I've seen better ingredients in dog food than in the average school or hospital lunch. And I have seen enough.”

In his book Preface to Cancer: Nature, Cause and Cure, Dr. Alexander Berglas has this to say about cancer incidence: “Civilization is, in terms of cancer, a juggernaut that cannot be stopped. … It is the nature and essence of industrial civilization to be toxic in every sense. … We are faced with the grim prospect that the advance of cancer and of civilization parallel each other.”

But don’t think the situation is all doom and gloom. Our human body has in built mechanisms to overcome cancerous cell growth and fully recover with the help of natural, non-toxic substances. Once again we refer to Edward G Griffin’s book World Without Cancer –he notes the side effects of taking B17 to assist fight cancer... “Effects include increased appetite, weight gain, lowered blood pressure, increased haemoglobin, and red-blood-cell count, elimination or sharp reduction of pain without narcotics, builds up body’s resistance to other diseases, is a natural substance found in foods and is compatible with human biological experience, destroys cancer cells while nourishing non-cancer cells.” Compare the above with the side effects from chemotherapy and radiation, the dizziness, skin discoloration, nausea, diarrhoea, loss of hair, loss of appetite, organ failure, internal bleeding etc. Which treatment sounds riskier to you? It appears to me that current conventional cancer therapy is actually inhumane.

May Your choices reflect your hopes not your fears


Its Your Choice

 I have had a personal interest in natural therapies my whole life for the sake of my own health and for those I love. The information I am sharing is to help open one’s eyes to other options beyond the traditional treatments and to suggest that we all could benefit from taking preventative actions so to avoid getting a cancer diagnosis sometime in the future. We are all doing something very wrong when you realise that the current statistic is that 1 in 2 people can expect to develop cancer!! I do not wish to become a statistic and would far prefer to take action to avoid getting cancer in the first place if possible. There are already many websites devoted to exploring alternative cancer treatment options, so I am not wishing to compete with the broad range of topics they cover. Rather lets talk about those options I would consider the most important, particularly to prevent cancer from growing unchecked in our bodies, considering we discussed the fact that we all have it growing inside us at some point. I will gradually add to the list at the bottom of this page so that you can undertake your own research in your own time. I have found over the years that when you start seeing certain therapies, protocols and herbs referred to in books and a large spectrum of websites, again and again, you can develop trust that the information has a genuine source and authentic benefit.  

First a Brief Personal Story...

About 7 years ago I discovered a lump in my breast and went to the doctor for him to check it out. The minute he felt it he said “Oh this is bad Lynda, I am concerned about this lump. You must go for a mammogram and then if that is positive we will send you straight away for a biopsy.” I admit that his comments rattled me more than expected...after all, his tone was sinister, as though he already suspected the lump to be cancerous! But I was somewhat forearmed to expect what his recommendations would be and I already had strong opinions about them. I told him that I would prefer not to have a mammogram because I believe the radiation you are exposed to could transform a benign lump into a malignant one. Couldn’t I have an ultrasound instead? So he sent me for the latter. No physical risk, but still reasonable diagnosis tool, especially for women with smaller fibrocystic breasts like me! Anyway, at completion of ultrasound I asked the sonographer if he felt I had anything to worry about and he reassured me that he had seen only normal glandular fluctuation in tissue and there was nothing to concern myself with. When the results were sent to my doctor he called me in for appointment and said he was still very worried about the lump and thought it best if I go to have a biopsy to be cautious. I explained to my Doctor that I preferred not to have a biopsy either, as there is much proof to support that by entering a needle into a lump, it can cause a healing reaction to occur, which as we know can cause neoblasts to start reproducing due to a trauma. If the lump actually happened to be malignant, then a needle biopsy could also spread the malignant cells to other parts of the body during needle withdrawal, enabling cancerous cells to spread via the blood. So I said ‘no thanks’ once again. Meanwhile I did further research into other less damaging forms of testing to keep a check on that lump in my breast and chose Thermography as my early detection tool of choice which I get done once yearly. 

Why have I shared this little story? It pays to be informed about our be forewarned is to be forearmed. Doctors often make hasty recommendations from a state of  fear and narrow vision. They can also have patients acting from a state of fear very quickly indeed! You can take time to consider what action you wish to take, whether that be deciding on tools to help diagnose cancer or for choosing a form of treatment after you have been given a diagnosis/prognosis. 

Thermography: Safe and early detection of breast cancer

Check out this great video on alternative methods of early detection of breast cancer posted by an amazing non-profit charity which fundraises for cancer prevention education. This is a seminar they hosted in 2014 given by Dr Philip Getson exploring Thermography particularly as a safer and more effective early diagnosis tool.

Lets explore some natural options!


 Beyond general healthy lifestyle and diet habits, in more recent times I have become convinced of the merit of two very powerful natural substances. Neither of these were I aware of when my mum was waging her own challenge with breast cancer. I think they maybe the most powerful natural preventatives I have heard about. And there appears to be countless stories of healing that has occurred largely due to their use. Once again, I do not wish to go into case histories to prove the merit of these substances, you can do all the research you want yourself just as I have done, which has convinced me personally of their value. I would like to bring your attention to them so that you can begin to consider if they could bring value into your wellness regime also.  


B17/ Also known as Amygdalin or Laetrile

  If you have ever explored natural cancer prevention or treatment alternatives, it is likely you would have come across B17 before or maybe heard of the value of Apricot Kernels specifically. There is good reason for this. The world still has cultures who are cancer-free. For example, tribes such as the Hunzas, Eskimaux, Abkhasians all consume nitriloside (B17) rich diets and their incidence of cancer is found to be next to none! Of course their diet also incorporates far less processed, more wholesome, mineral-rich food choices which emphasises the overall importance of natural, healthy eating habits as being conducive to fighting off cancer. Their daily diet can include anywhere between 250- 3,000mg of B17; whereas the average western diet in comparison would only consume less than 2mg per day.

Apricots kernels B17 Amygdalin

What Food is Richest in B17?

The best reliable and most potent source I have personally found, is chewing on apricot kernels. As a prevention rule of thumb, consuming about one kernel per five kilograms of body weight per day, is a good rule of thumb. An example of this would be twelve kernels for a sixty kilogram person. However, it is advisable to start off with a couple per day and gradually build up to larger amounts over a couple of weeks. It is important to chew the kernels thoroughly so all the beneficial elements are absorbed well. They can be a bit dry when swallowing so what I do is chew them well and then have a bite of pulpy fruit to help them go down! Eating the fresh apricot with them is ideal when in season, but otherwise my regular choice is a banana, as I generally have bananas in the fruit bowl most times.


Other Sources of B17

Many seeds/kernels found within fruit contain B17, (except for citrus) such as apricots, apples, peaches, nectarines, plums...interestingly we tend to throw out the kernels and seeds and only eat the fleshy fruit, so there is something to be said for consuming the whole fruit rather than just the sweet part! Ever remember being told by your mum and dad not to eat your apple core as a kid? Bad advice! We were missing out on a natural source of B17 in the seeds...but to absorb it we would’ve needed to crunch up those apples seeds too, not just swallow straight down the hatch. We also have other foods that contain B17 such as millet, flaxseed, buckwheat; mung bean and alfalfa sprouts, bamboo shoots; lima beans, chickpeas, kidney beans and even spinach. 

B17 Molecule

How Does B17 Harm Cancerous Cells?

  There is a naturally occurring quantity of cyanide in all the above foods, in the form of hydrocyanic acid. This form is worlds apart from the potassium cyanide we associate as a non-selective toxic poison. What I am going to share with you explains the reason why this naturally occurring form of cyanide is harmless to healthy cells but toxic to cancerous cells. 

There is no free hydrogen cyanide (HCN) floating around in the hydrocyanic acid. The only way it comes into being is when it comes into contact with a cancer cell. Why? Because a cancer cell is not like normal healthy has an enzyme called beta-glucosidase which breaks apart the hydrocyanic acid within the B17 molecule and creates hydrogen cyanide and benzaldehyde. This special toxic pair then launches a targeted attack on the cancerous cell. A healthy cell on the other hand has its own in-built protection in the form of a different enzyme called Rhodenase. Happily, this enzyme will seek and destroy any rogue free cyanide molecules that escape from within the cancer cell. Our bodies are truly amazing on a cellular level and it would benefit our healing greatly if we learn to simply give our body what it needs to heal itself. 



A summary of what encourages & Slows Cancer growth


What Encourages Cancer to Grow in the Body?

  • An acidic body.
  • Excessive sugar in the diet.
  • Not consuming enough nutrient dense wholefoods.
  • Eating excessive amount of meat and animal protein.
  • Under-oxygenated blood and cells.
  • Lack of pancreatic enzymes.
  • A compromised immune system.
  • Lack of B17 in the diet.
  • Exposure to chemicals.
  • Excessive stress.
  • Genetic susceptibility.
  • Lack of positive, happy feelings and /or optimism for the future.
  • Emotional blockages from past negative experiences that have not been addressed.

Best Ways to Slow Down the Ability of Cancer to Grow

  • Stop consuming sugar or limit intake severely.
  • Oxygenate your body with more exercise, breathing exercises and/or hyperbaric oxygen treatment.
  • Alkalise your body.
  • Remove all chemicals by choice from your life and diet. This includes any substance that comes into contact with your skin, such as personal care, skin care, cleaners.
  • Consume Essiac Tea daily.
  • Grow as much food as you can yourself organically.
  • Eat less meat or ideally remove from your diet altogether.
  • Rid your diet of all processed food.
  • Lower your intake of dairy products.
  • Consume foods that are high in B17.
  • Consume herbs that are known for their anti-cancer, immune boosting, blood cleansing and detox support.
  • Drink at least 2 litres of pure water everyday.
  • Do not smoke tobacco cigarettes.
  • Limit or abstain from alcohol consumption.
  • Learn to relax and spend time doing meaningful activities that help you to feel happy and positive.


Information is Power as Sunlight is Energy!

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