Stress Free Living

Miracle of Magnesium


 How you can help overcome your stress symptoms, dis-ease. muscular tension and even chronic pain with the help of the master mineral Magnesium. 

Food Choices can Hinder or Help


Dietary habits can worsen symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. You can also use food to support you through times of stress.

Simple Relaxation Techniques


You don't need to be a zen monk to learn methods to be in the moment and cultivate a relaxed body, mind and spirit.

Exercise is Euphoric

Exercise helps to de-stress the mind, body and spirit.

Exercise can be your greatest friend when suffering from stress.

Stress is a Gift


Stress helps you to recognise your problems and indicate where change is required for you to be happier.

Time Poor and Stress Rich?


Better time management techniques and less procrastination helps free up time for the things that are important to you.